Getting a diagnosis in Plymouth

Getting a diagnosis in Plymouth

Under the Autism Act 2009 local authorities and the NHS are required to improve identification and diagnosis of autism in adults, with provision for all adults in England to be able to request an assessment through a unified diagnostic pathway for their locality.

In Plymouth it is now possible for you to get an assessment to see if you have an autistic spectrum condition by requesting a referral for assessment from your GP. Your GP will make the referral via the DRSS (Devon Referral Support Service) who will send it on to the relevant Community Mental Health Team. Adults with learning disabilities will be referred to the Community Learning Disabilities Team. The appropriate team will get in touch with you directly, inviting you for an appointment.

Should they need to, your GP should refer to the guidance as laid out on the South West Devon Formulary Guidance website to arrange the referral.

All staff should be aware of this process as laid out by the Western Locality on behalf of NEW Devon CCG.

For further information regarding the diagnostic process please visit the links provided in our section on ‘NAS Info’.

Further information for GP's and healthcare professionals can be found here, and here.

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