Support Group Principles

Support Group Principles

NASPAAB Support Group Principles


Group Principles for all members to agree to

These principles have been drawn up by members of the group.  All existing and new members shall agree to abide by them.

The spirit of these principles is to enable members feel safe within the group and to help one another with areas of difficulty.  The intention is to reduce anxiety so that all members are equal.

If any member persistently contravenes any one of these principles, then the Branch Officer will seek to resolve the matter with the individual concerned. The group has the right to agree a suitable outcome. Whilst no specific outcome is pre-decided, each instance will be judged on the circumstances and seriousness.  The group will have the final say in this matter.

POLICY - to be viewed as essential behaviour

  • Confidentiality - Information stays within the group.
  • Keep identity of other group members confidential.
  • Respect for ones self and others.
  • Consideration to be given to other members’ feelings.
  • Honesty about personal feelings and other issues of trust.
  • No bullying or intimidating other group members.
  • No swearing at others.

GOOD PRACTICE - to be viewed as desirable behaviour

  • Listening and turn taking - only one person to speak at any one time.
  • Openness and frankness about personal feelings that you wish to disclose.
  • Non-judgemental - each member has a right to their own opinion; you may disagree with that opinion but you cannot overrule an opinion you disagree with.
  • No raised voices.
  • No excessive swearing.
  • If anyone is upset and emotional they may leave the room to unwind/calm down, etc. If you intend to leave the venue/meeting altogether please inform someone, if at all possible.
  • Ensuring punctual start and finishes of meetings unless unexpected circumstances arise.
  • Inform someone if you are not able to attend the meeting.
  • No use of mobiles as telephones or playthings during the meeting (excluding DISG).
  • No alcohol or illegal drugs to be brought to meetings.
  • Materials belonging to the group, such as books and DVDs, will be treated with respect.

This list is not exhaustive and may be added to by the group at any time.

I hereby agree to maintain these principles whilst a member of NAS Plymouth Adult Asperger's Branch, and will continue to keep other members' identity and information confidential should I leave the Branch.


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