Support Group

Support Group

We currently hold a peer-to-peer support group once a month for adults with Aspergers / High Functioning Autism (HFA), aged 18yrs and over, to provide mutual support in an environment where we can meet together and be ourselves with similar individuals.

At the support group you can socialise comfortably, where social 'mistakes' won't be judged, and you can learn social skills within a group of understanding people. It can be enormously encouraging to know that you are not alone by meeting other people experiencing the same challenges.

Generally speaking the support group provides a mix of 'safe' informal discussions, a sharing of individuals' interests and hobbies, and occasional social activities. The group's development comes from the needs of the individuals attending. Please Note: We are not able to offer one-to-one support, counselling, therapeutic support, or intensive intervention for people in crisis; and our meetings are only suitable for individuals who can travel independently.

Our main objectives as a Branch are to:

• create an environment where we can be comfortable, understood, find acceptance and build friendships.

• explore our autistic strengths and skills, and develop new strengths and skills.

• explore how having Aspergers/HFA affects us as an individual, understanding the triggers that heighten our anxiety and learning effective coping strategies.

• develop social opportunities and activities.

As NAS Branches are voluntary all our committee members are volunteers and we rely on donations to cover costs of tea/coffee/biscuits, and venue hire. After attending a minimum of four times we would request that you become a member of our Branch, which is free of charge.

For information regarding where and when we meet, please contact us.

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