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General Information


NAS Plymouth Adult Aspergers Branch (NAS PAAB) was established as a branch of the National Autistic Society in October 2011.

Our origins can be traced back to the original Support and Outreach for Mature Autistic / Asperger Group (SOMAAG), pioneered by Barbara Wilson.  This covered the entirety of Devon with sub-groups in Plymouth, Exeter and Newton Abbot.  We were involved in campaigning for the Autism Act 2009.  We became an NAS Branch in 2009 as NAS SOMAAG Devon - the first NAS Branch to be run for, and by, adults on the autistic spectrum.

Operating as an NAS Branch, it proved increasingly difficult to run the groups over the Devon area, with involvement with different Local Authority areas and NHS providers.  Access to services were not uniform and different members were having increasingly different needs and ideas about direction.

In March 2011, at an Extraordinary General Meeting, NAS SOMAAG Devon voted to separate into different groups.  The Plymouth group left NAS SOMAAG Devon to eventually form a new branch, NAS PAAB.

NAS SOMAAG Devon amalgamated with Dimensions for Living (DFL) Devon Foundation for Autism, chaired by Barbara Wilson.  We acknowledge and are grateful to Barbara for bringing us together and encouraging us to extend the help and support we received from her to other people on the autistic spectrum in our community.

A number of our members sit on the Plymouth ASC Partnership Board working closely with the Strategy Commissioners to develop meaningful support and services for people on the autism spectrum. A diagnostic assessment pathway for adults in Plymouth who wish to have an assessment has now been established as a part of this work. 

We seek to improve awareness amongst the general public so that the difficulties of those on the spectrum can be better understood and tolerated. We hope that in time, we can campaign for more meaningful support and services to be made available to this vastly under-recognised group of people in our community.

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